Myag Mell


A kingdom ruled by Cyniel, it is seemingly a paradise that promises immortality and eternal happiness. It resides on an island, with its overall shape resembling a dragon.

The buildings, bridges, and groundwork are all made of porcelain, save for the glass doors on the exterior of the buildings. Flora grows freely and decorates the land, while various waterfalls and streams flow throughout.

In reality, it is a fake paradise: the immortal residents are akin to reanimated and preserved corpses, and its citizens act in accordance to their ruler's wishes.

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  • The design of Myag Mell is meant to be somewhat fantastical while maintaining a blend of traditional Eastern and modern elements:
    • Many modern cities are filled with skyscrapers and tall buildings, hence the numerous pagodas.
    • The lights that run through the bridges and buildings are visually similar to how LED strips work.
    • The bridges are partially inspired by Chonqing's use of bridges.
  • The name "Myag Mell" is a pun on "Mag Mell" and 'myag' (a possible Old Chinese origin of 巫).
    • Myag Mell is meant to be similar to the fictional celtic Mag Mell: a mythical paradise full of eternal youth, happiness, and beauty, free of sickness and death.
    • 'Magus' is the name used for magical creatures in this universe. 巫 could possibly be a loanword from the Iranian 'magus'.
    • The 巫 radical is also used in 誣, meaning "deceive; slander; falsely accuse": Myag Mell itself is deceptive.
  • The porcelain used in Myag Mell is bone china, made of human bones. The buildings are strong and chip resistant, while also pure white and slightly translucent when light shines through it.
  • The citizens of Myag Mell are called the Aos Shī. This is a pun combining "Aos Sí" and the word shī (屍, corpse. e.g. jiangshi). They are alternatively called the Fei (非) folk, a pun on 'fae folk'.
    • While they are seemingly immortal, the citizens are actually preserved corpses of humans. Souls of inanimate objects are gifted the bodies, and they puppeteer these shells as if the bodies were their own.
  • The interior of the buildings should be modern and minimalistic, save for any flora present and the detailing on the furiture itself.
  • Cyniel is the ruler (referred to in-universe as the 'Di') of the kingdom. He made the kingdom as a paradise-like wonderland to house Cierza and to 'keep her safe'.
    • The term 'Di' is a combination of Dì (帝, "emperor") and Dĭ (氐, "root"), as Cyniel is both the Emperor of Myag Mell, and its root.
    • "Root" (氐) refers to two ideas: 1) mansion 3 of the seven astrological mansions of the Azure Dragon, and 2) being the "root of a tree", as Cyniel was the origin of Myag Mell. Myag Mell was also originally built on a forested land.